Have you wondered what it takes to become a Professional Kitchen Designer?

There are three areas of kitchen design that you need to be familiar with prior to tackling the design of a client's kitchen. These include the Science of Kitchen Design, the Art of Kitchen Design and the Business of Kitchen Design.

The Science of Kitchen Design deals with kitchen design theories, guidelines, layouts, kitchen cabinets and cabinet accessories. Knowledge in these areas will ensure your kitchen designs will function efficiently. 

The Art of Kitchen Design revolves around the aesthetics of the design. It is knowledge of trends, kitchen decor styles and the materials that go into a kitchen design.

The last area is the Business of Kitchen Design. It encompasses the important skills needed to present and sell your kitchen designs. 

A BEGINNERS GUIDE TO KITCHEN DESIGN is the starting point on your journey to becoming a professional kitchen designer. Once completing this course you will be confident in your ability to begin working with clients to design their dream kitchens!

When you complete this course you will:


  • understand the Art, Science and Business of Kitchen Design.

  • be familiar with kitchen design theories, standards and guidelines.

  • be able to identify popular kitchen layouts and products.

  • know how to research decor and material design trends.

  • be capable of presenting your kitchen designs to clients.

Course Bonus Material

These course downloads will be the beginning of your Professional Kitchen Designer's Toolkit

  • Vestabul Kitchen Design Interview

    The best kitchen design solutions begin with a thorough interview with your client. This 5-page document provides a list of questions to ask you client before the design process begins. Your client's answers will guide you through the design process to ensure you provide them with the design that best meets their needs.

  • Vestabul Kitchen Clearance Guidelines Checklist & Vestabul Kitchen Storage Guidelines Checklist

    This first checklist will allow you to check your final design against industry standards for traffic flow, counter frontage needs and landing counter area. The second checklist will be used to evaluate the storage in your kitchen designs. A functional kitchen is the goal of every professional kitchen designer and these checklists will provide validation of your designs for both you and your clients.

  • Vestabul Kitchen Designer's Guide to Style

    There are 5 design elements the kitchen designer can specify to get-the-look for the most popular kitchen decor styles. This guide provides a quick reference to these decor elements along with the decor style's definition and attributes. You will reach for this guide often when finalizing the Art of Kitchen Design in your projects.

When you enroll in this course you will receive the following:


  • Automatic membership in THE ART, SCIENCE & BUSINESS OF DESIGN private Facebook group

  • The VESTA Design Blog delivered to your inbox

Free Preview

Click above for a sneak peak at one of the lessons in the Science of Kitchen Design section of A BEGINNERS GUIDE TO KITCHEN DESIGN.

Jan Rutgers B.Sc. H.Ec.


Jan has been a professional kitchen designer for more than 25 years. She has designed over 1000 kitchens and is the perfect person to guide you on your kitchen design training journey. Writing and producing CORNERSTONE courses for aspiring kitchen designers is extremely rewarding for her. She loves to see the transformation her students make after taking her courses.

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