Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have no experience in kitchen design. Will these courses help me?

    Absolutely! I would suggest the Cornerstone course “The Beginners Guide to Kitchen Design” for you. This course introduces you to the technical end of kitchen design, giving you a foundation to build on.

  • I have been working as a kitchen designer for 10 years, are there courses here for me?

    Yes! Being a kitchen designer is an ongoing journey of learning. The Pillar Courses have been developed specifically for you. They tackle advanced topics that can take your kitchen design career to the next level.

  • I want to learn more but do not have a lot of time. What can you offer me?

    The Icon Courses have been developed for you. These courses are between 15 minutes and 30 minutes long. Each course has been divided into 3 to 5-minute lessons so you can view them while waiting in a line, during your coffee break, or sitting on a park bench.

  • Will these courses guarantee me a job in the kitchen design industry?

    There is no guarantee that courses alone will get you a job, but the knowledge you learn will give you an advantage when you apply for a kitchen design position. Our “Kitchen Designers Mentoring” program coming soon would be ideal for you since it includes one-on-one mentoring calls with Jan. This course will set you up to nail that job interview!

  • Are there tests that I must take to complete a course?

    Most of the courses incorporate a “test your learning” quiz throughout or at the end. These have been included to help you understand the concepts in the course. If you do not get 100% on the pop quiz, I would encourage you to go back and take that lesson again.

  • How long do I have access to the courses I enroll in?

    Once you have enrolled and purchased the course you will always have access to it. I would encourage you to revisit the courses since there are many great tips inside each course that may help you with a design client in the future.

  • Can I share my login with others so they can enjoy the courses?

    When you enroll the access is for one user only and the login cannot be shared. I have worked to keep the course prices affordable so that many inspiring kitchen designers can learn new skills. I would be thrilled if you recommended the courses to others. This will allow me to continue to develop and produce more courses.