The U-Shaped Kitchen is a common layout Kitchen Designers will encounter often in their careers.

It can be a challenging layout to update for today’s consumers. If you are a Kitchen Designer that really understands this layout and can present up to date, on-trend solutions, you will be highly sought after by consumers. EXPLORING THE U-SHAPED KITCHEN will give you the confidence to tackle this layout with ease and to produce winning designs for your clients.

When you complete this course you will:


  • be familiar with the history of the U-Shaped Kitchen.

  • understand how to work with the U-Shaped layout in your renovation projects.

  • be able to recommend alternative layouts for existing U-Shaped Kitchen spaces.

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Jan Rutgers, B.Sc. H.Ec.


Jan has designed over 1000 kitchens and has encountered the U-Shaped layout often. Her knowledge of this layout has helped her provide solutions for countless clients. She shares her experience with the U-Shaped layout in this Icon Course. Her ideas for updating this common layout will be ones you will use time and again with your kitchen design clients.

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Course curriculum

  • 01

    Exploring the U-Shaped Kitchen

    • Introduction & Learning Objectives

    • History of the U-Shaped Kitchen

    • Updating the U-Shaped Layout

    • Alternative Layouts for the U-Shaped Kitchen

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