Specifying a prep sink for your client's kitchen requires more than drawing one on the plan.

As the kitchen designer it is your responsibility to provide your client with information on products you specify for their space. When you can present placement options, material choices and provide functionality considerations for an item like a prep sink, you show professionalism to your client. They will see that you are an expert and are the best person to design their kitchen. How to Specify a Prep Sink for Your Client, will give you this expertise.

When you complete this course you will:


  • understand why your guidance in choosing a prep sink is important to your kitchen design clients.

  • be equipped with a process for specifying prep sinks

  • be familiar with the multiple options on the market, making it easy to sell prep sinks into your designs.

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Jan Rutgers B.Sc. H.Ec.


Jan has practiced as a Professional Kitchen Designer for more than 25 years. Her Home Economics background taught her how important it was to justify everything she recommended to her clients for their new kitchens. She believes the prep sink can add a lot of function to a kitchen design if specified properly. If the designer gets it wrong, the prep sink can be an expensive mistake. She teaches so those mistakes will not happen.

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Course curriculum

  • 01

    How to Specify a Prep Sink for your Client

    • Introduction & Learning Objectives

    • Why Include a Prep Sink

    • Where to Place the Prep Sink

    • What Type of Prep Sink to Specify

    • Conclusion

    • Test your learnings