Kitchen design errors will impact your client day in and day out.

At first glance errors and mistakes may not be noticeable in a kitchen design, especially on paper. 

When you are hired to design a kitchen for a client, it is your responsibility as the kitchen designer to ensure that the final design is safe, functional and beautiful.

Often the best way to avoid kitchen design errors is to be aware of them.

IDENTIFYING COMMON ERRORS IN KITCHEN DESIGN will highlight a few and will have you looking for them in the future to ensure you avoid them!

Jan Rutgers B.Sc. H.Ec.


As a Professional Kitchen Designer for 25 plus years, Jan has designed over 1000 kitchens. From day one of her career she focused on making sure to always get the design right. Mistakes were to be avoided at all costs. She shares this presentation with you to point out common kitchen design mistakes and a better solution that avoids them.