Home Baking has become a National Pastime.

If you are not a baker yourself, it can be difficult to design a kitchen to meet the needs of your client that does. Even if you do bake, you may not have thought about how to specifically accommodate this task in your designs. Having a process for this type of design is a beneficial skill for the professional kitchen designer. KITCHEN DESIGN: SOLUTIONS FOR BAKERS will give you all the information you need to develop successful designs for you clients that bake!

When you complete this course you will:


  • understand why home baking has become popular with today's consumers.

  • able to identify the best products and product placement for your client's unique baking needs.

  • be familiar with multiple storage solutions, ideal for the home baker.

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Jan Rutgers, B.Sc. H.Ec.


Jan has designed 8 kitchens for herself over the years and by kitchen #4 a designated bake area became a pre-requisite in her personal kitchens. By designing bake areas for her clients and experimenting in her own home, she accumulated multiple kitchen design ideas for the home baker. In KITCHEN DESIGN: SOLUTIONS FOR BAKERS she shares with you some of her most successful strategies for this important kitchen activity.

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Course curriculum

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    New Chapter

    • Introduction

    • Surveying Client

    • Specifying Products

    • Storage Accessories

    • Custom Storage

    • Perfect Solutions

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